Electric Potential of Striations in Glow Discharges

Research Fig.11b:

Spatial electric potential- and field distribution through one striation layer in H2. (after Paul,H.H. Über die Schichtung der positiven Säule in der Glimmentladung bei Wasserstoff, Zeitschrift für Physik, 97, 330-354, 1935; Copyright Springer-Verlag, reproduced with permission)
The H2 density for this experiment was 1.8*1016cm-3 and it is easy to show that for the usually assumed cross section, the mean free path length with regard to electron impact excitation would be more than 1cm, in contradiction to the measured spatial scale of the potential change within a striation layer which is less than 10-2cm.

Electric Potential of Striations in Glow Discharges

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Thomas Smid (M.Sc. Physics, Ph.D. Astronomy)